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Just a few kind words clients have said:

"You are AMAZING. what a wonderful job you did! I can't believe what talent you have. I am just blown away. Thank you so much! "

"This is outstanding! Really good work Barb! You're making me look like a genius!"

"WoW! I love your work. Gorgeous."

"You really ARE terrific to work with. I hope we're 25% as good of a customer as you are a vendor/partner. THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU DO."


"Barb! This looks fabulous! Everyone is thrilled and think you are amazing!"

"And what a great ad. Best I’ve seen in our paper."

Employee of the Month at the Santa Barbara Zoo, October 2009 and January 2011.
"We can't save the planet if no one understands our message. For ten years, Barbara Zerbe has helped the Santa Barbara Zoo fulfill its mission through eye-catching, professional, and cost-effective graphic design. While initially employed to assist with the Zoo's print advertising, Barb's role has expanded to coordinate all of the Zoo's in-park signage and branding. Barbara is detail oriented, creative, incisive, and a pleasure to work with. Specifically, in 2010, Barb took on the arduous task of recreating signage for a large portion of the Zoo, produced increasingly beautiful marketing pieces (ZooNews!), and helped recreate the graphics process – all while managing a group of highly unmanageable teammates (it’s slightly like herding cats). We are very fortunate to have Barbara Zerbe on our team and she deserves to be recognized as the Employee of the Month!"